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While Cabinet Refacing, Modernize Your Kitchen

If you’ve dreamed of a smooth, uncluttered look for your kitchen design, it’s time to put that dream into action. There are many ways to incorporate some total kitchen style during a cabinet refacing project.

Check Overall Kitchen Design
To create a contemporary kitchen, all or most of the major elements of your kitchen design should adhere to that style. While many create eclectic mixes of modern and traditional styling, that approach will not work if the goal is a truly contemporary kitchen design. Instead, look for contemporary styles of the following elements:

Kitchen Cabinets Set the Tone
The kitchen cabinet style you select will go a long way toward creating a contemporary kitchen design. When planning a cabinet refacing project, look for cabinet doors and drawers with the following features:

Spice Up Kitchen Design With Modern Appliances
Nothing says contemporary like stainless steel appliances. Look for a sleek side-by-side refrigerator and commercial range to blend with your refaced cabinets. Also, look for these characteristics:

Contemporary Kitchen Countertop Styles
Many contemporary kitchen designs feature edgy countertop surfaces, such as:

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware is Finishing Touch
The cabinet knobs and pulls you select should add the finishing touch to your contemporary kitchen design. Try adding styles that have minimal detailing and a sleek, edgy look. Among the options are stainless steel, thin pulls, and crisp, round knobs in aluminum.

When planning a cabinet refacing project, look for ways to change your kitchen design. If you’ve always wanted a dramatic, contemporary kitchen design, look for ways to incorporate the style into your new kitchen design.

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