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Cabinet Refacing Door Samples

Below is a small fraction of the door styles available. You can customize your door with almost any wood species, edge, center panel, stile, and rail profile—anything from a simple shaker style to an elegant applied molding door. We use wood doors and drawer fronts for most of our refacing projects. Let us know if you are looking for a more modern material like Thermofoil or TFL. We can most likely provide that for you.

French Mitered Doors

French Mitered doors provide the look of a mitered or applied moulding door with the flexibility of a Cope and Stick door. The inside profile detail is built into the stiles and rails, resulting in a more elegant appearance with superior structural integrity. French Mitered doors are recommended for humid or extremely dry conditions.


Mitered Doors

A Mitered door looks like a picture frame with clean lines and square corners. All mitered joints we use are constructed using a blind mortise and tenon joint. Please be aware that mitered doors will expand and contract in response to the environmental conditions. Our doors have a gap tolerance of up to .010 on the inside corner, allowing for expansion and contraction.


Cope and Stick

 Cope and Stick joinery makes an excellent look for cabinet door frames. “Stick” is the molded edge cut along the frame’s inside edge. Any piece that meets that molding must match the profile by being “coped.” This technique replaces the round-over profile with a square corner. The tenon on our Cope and Stick doors is 5/8″ long and provides the strongest joint available.


Slab Doors

Solid Wood slab, Wood Veneer, and TFL doors are offered to satisfy the contemporary door needs of our customers. Wood veneer and TFL doors feature banded edges, and the deep embossed texture and A1-faced veneer are sure to impress. There are advantages to edge-banded veneer doors over solid wood slab doors. The main one is warpage. Solid wood always sounds better, but in reality, because they are 3/4 inch thick with the grain running in one direction, there is a greater chance for warpage. 


Applied Molding Doors

 Adding decorative applied moulding to flush doors, will extend your creative flexibility and add beauty to your Kitchen, Bath, or Laundry Room.


Doors for Glass

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