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Scary Stuff: How To Choose A Cabinet Refacing Contractor

Are Your Cabinets, Cupboards and Closets Embarrassing?

Did you know the single most important area in your house is the kitchen? It ‘s the spot where families cook together, friends gather, and cooks delight in conjuring up all sorts or scrumptious dishes. So shouldn’t it look absolutely state-of-the-art? Sure, you say, but the cabinets alone will cost thousands of dollars, and nowadays, who can afford that?

STOP! The solution is easy, affordable, can be done quickly, and, best of all, will make you proud!

Cabinet Refacing

If your cupboards are of solid construction, level and properly attached to the wall, you can have your kitchen looking urban chic in no time, and save yourself a lot of money by simply replacing the cupboard doors. This process, known as refacing, updates your kitchen cabinets in almost any style and color you can imagine.

Hire an expert and get the job done quickly, professionally and with minimal downtime.

Choosing The Right Cabinet Refacing Contractor.

  1. Get online, scour the newspaper, and dig out the phone books to start. Look for small independent contractors with good credentials. They will have less overhead and will usually pass those savings along to their customers.
  2. Make sure they service your area. You don’t want to spend a lot of time talking to someone, just to find out they travel to your location. Then call them and ask them the important questions on your list.
  3. Ask about their license, any organizations they belong to, such as the Better Business Bureau and if they have testimonials from other customers. Check out their web site and make sure their phone number works.
  4. Experience counts, so find out how long they’ve been in business. Not that short timers aren’t any good, but they will have to step up and convince you why their work is superior and why they can handle any challenges that might arise.
  5. Finally, invite them to your home to look over your project and offer up solutions. Observe how they examine it, what kinds of alternative they give you, if they seem knowledgable about the patterns, styles that are current in the market and if they have samples to show you.

If you don’t feel comfortable at this stage, keep looking. Professionals return phone calls, answer your questions, even it means they have to do a little research. They are current with new products, looks and styles. And don’t ignore your instincts about the person – this is someone who will be in your home for a few intense days, and you want to get along with them.

Once the project is started, you will probably be breathing easy and enjoying your stylish new refaced cabinets in less than a week.

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