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Cabinet Refacing In 8 Easy Steps

If cabinet refacing is on your mind for your kitchen cupboards, a good contractor will describe the process for you in detail. But it never hurts to have a little information ahead of time. Here’s how it works.

1. The Cabinets Are Emptied
This seems like the easy part, but it can be a real mess if you don’t do it with some panache from the get go. Just before you start, line up plenty of boxes to hold everything and separate the items by shelf. When it’s time to put them back, it will be a breeze. Besides, there’s nothing more irritating than to start cramming unrelated items together and have a package of baking powder spill onto the dinner china because you didn’t have enough boxes for the baking supplies.

2. Your Kitchen Is Protected
Because the kitchen cabinet boxes will be covered with a new surface, there may be dust, sawdust or stray dust bunnies floating around. To avert damage or mess, your stove and counters should be protected with plastic or drop cloths. Tools might inadvertently slip and fall so a good cover up will shield surfaces from scratches. Your fridge may butt up against cabinets; if so, it should be moved into another location.

3. Cabinet Doors and Hardware Are Removed
Cabinet hardware includes pulls, hinges, drawer runners and knobs. As it is removed, it should be separated and labeled. It makes the final steps go quickly and reduces tons of frustration.

4. Cabinet Box Is Refaced
Ideally you’ve found a contractor who demands quality. If so, the inner surface of your cabinets will be lined with 1/4″ solid wood, veneer or thermofoil, making them secure, stylish, and looking like new.

NOTE: Some individuals prefer to stain or paint the interior of the cabinet. That’s OK if you aren’t that particular about the finished product. But keep in mind, it’s messy, a little unprofessional, and the end result is simply just a cover-up. If you want a high quality look, the box is just as critical as the doors. Hire a contractor who cares as much about the interior as the door panels.

A few of the rewards include:

5. Preparation For Hardware Installation
Thorough and precise measuring and marking for hardware installation ensures a pleasing visual placement and eliminates plenty of exasperation for misplaced marks and unbalanced placement.

6. Installation Of Hardware New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware
While the hardware can be fitted after the cabinet doors and drawers are replaced, it is often prudent to install it first as it is a lot easier to get it placed accurately.

7. Installation Of Kitchen Cabinet Doors
When the new doors and drawer fronts are replaced to their correct location, they are examined for proper closing and symmetry.

8. Finishing Touches On Newly Refaced Kitchen Cabinets
If any pulls or knobs have not been added, this is the time.

That’s it! Cabinet refacing is one of the hottest and most affordable ways to spruce up your kitchen. You will be amazed to see the modern and updated look it gives to your space. A professional, who knows how crucial it is to be meticulous in the execution of the process, will deliver one of the most impressive improvements you can do your home.

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