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Cabinet Refacing For The 21st Century

Have you ever made this comment, “Times have changed”? Often we make that statement when we’re confronted with teenagers with tongue rings and tattoos, and whose primary method of communication is text messaging. But if no occasion arises for us to observe how “times have changed”, we sometimes get stuck thinking things are the same.

Usually these are things we don’t use or need very often. For example, when did you last buy a new coffee pot? It isn’t something you really need to keep up with, as coffee pots look good, make great tasting coffee and run just fine for many years. So you may not be aware that one of the top selling coffee pots today makes just a single cup of coffee – and you have to buy a special little container full of coffee to make it work!

Times have changed!

Once upon a time, refacing your kitchen cabinets was a cheap fix, a cover-up job, a way to get by for awhile. And if you were aware of that in the past, you may still think that is the case. But…

Times have changed! Now, a smart, modern and quality decision to reface kitchen cabinets is made by homeowners every day.

So just what has changed?

Here are 5 “changes” that will bring your perspective into the present.

IN THE PAST: You ended up with the same old doors, boxes and drawers.

NOW: Your cabinet boxes and drawers are relined with beautiful new materials. The doors are replaced and your old cabinet boxes and drawers become a base.

IN THE PAST: It was a messy job.

NOW: A good contractor will use all the resources available to make it as painless as possible, like using sturdy plastic to cover items that are not part of the process.

IN THE PAST: Your choices of woods, styles and colors were extremely limited.

NOW: Your choices are nearly endless.

IN THE PAST: Hinges and refacing materials were inferior so you might end up with veneers that peeled, or hinges that were stiff and unsightly.

NOW: Materials are high quality and beautifully constructed resulting in spectacular kitchen transformations.

IN THE PAST: Tools were not precise, which could result in doors that didn’t quite close properly, or uneven installations.

NOW: Technology and research delivers precision tools and hardware that guarantee a perfect fit.

We at Home Improvements of Colorado deliver present day standards. We use all the tools and materials available on the market to assure that the refacing projects we install are of top quality and workmanship. Each job is inspected by Mark Hasty, the owner.

Subcontractors are not used for cabinet refacing, so each job is performed by a workman approved by Mark himself. After nearly 1000 refacing projects, they are proud to offer assurance that the experience and care they bring to each job is personal and outstanding.

Times have changed, and those at Home Improvements of Colorado have kept up.

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