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Beware of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Snobs!

In nearly every industry, there are professionals who are outdated, uninformed and stuck-in-a-rut. They do what they do well, they have been doing it for years, have a good reputation for providing skilled results, but they just haven’t kept up with modern day advances. Kitchen designers are no exception and some of them have “cabinet refacing attitude”.

Make sure you don’t get stuck with one these. They will cost you money, and, in some cases, even deliver results that are less than the quality you deserve. Here’s how to recognize them.

  1. They will tell you the cost of cabinet refacing is nearly the same as completely replacing your cabinets.
  2. They will tell you your kitchen will look the same as it did before; you’ll just have some new doors without scratches and dents to look at.
  3. They will tell you new cabinets will provide more quality and stability.
  4. Your kitchen will be the same mess for as long as a complete redo.

WRONG! On all accounts these notions come from uninformed and old-fashioned perspectives. And it borders on unethical.

  1. The money you will save on cabinet refacing will get a family of four a vacation in the Caribbean. Cabinet refacing will cost 50-60% LESS than new cabinets.
  2. The new look will be leaps ahead of yesteryear. Today, you can choose from the highest quality door styles, wood species, stain colors, glazing, crown molding and hardware are nearly endless. You can have the kitchen of your dreams.
  3. New cabinets are NOT always better quality. There is one qualification you must meet to begin the process. Your cabinet boxes have to be in good condition. If they are, and your house is “older”, chances are the cabinets are full plywood construction or solid wood, not something you’d get from brand new cabinets. This means that old cabinets will be better quality and more structurally sound that new ones.
  4. Cabinet refacing is usually completed in a week or less! New cabinets may take 12 weeks or more! That translates into less mess for a shorter period of time which, let’s face it – less frustration!

Finally, and maybe most importantly in this century, is that cabinet refacing saves trees! Furthermore you will most likely NOT have an ugly dumpster sitting in your drive for weeks on end (points with neighbors count for something, don’t they?) A cabinet refacing contractor will probably haul away any waste in the vehicle they drove up in. How’s that for doing your part for the environment?

Be informed. Don’t fall for the Cabinet Refacing Snob. He may have a good reputation for doing what he’s done, but he is ignorant about modern processes.

You know what to do now. Go out and get your new kitchen!

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